Dr. Trust Smart Talking Bp Monitor

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The smart-talking BP monitor from Dr. Trust Smart Talking Bp Monitor is an easy to use BP measuring device that provides audio guidance in both Hindi and English languages. This is helpful for those who are new to using BP machines while also being helpful for those who are visually handicapped. Dr. Trust Smart Talking Bp Monitor also comes with a mute mode in case you do not require any audible help. With a large LCD showing clear and simple blood pressure measurements, this BP monitor gives fast and accurate results from the comfort of your home.


Product highlights

  • Dr Trust BP monitor features smart technology that starts measuring your pressure during inflation, this increases accuracy as well as reduces the time taken for each measurement.

  • The pumping technology is also improved to reduce extra pumping along with the algorithm, making this smart BP machine more comfortable and accurate than ever before.

  • It detects your pulse rate as well as irregularities in your pulse.

  • Comes with 4 AA batteries included in the box, but can also be powered via a micro USB cable, increasing the convenience of this product.

  • It is optimal for elderly patients who can’t withstand the pain of normal cuff inflation, as it takes measurements quickly and does not need to deflate to complete your measurement.

  • The cuff on the Dr Trust BP monitor is wider than most normal BP monitor cuffs, making it suitable for people of all sizes.


Direction to Use:

  • Read the instruction manual that is provided with the machine carefully.

  • Place your arm into the cuff as directed and fasten it well.

  • Turn the device on as directed and wait for the cuff to inflate. Once the measurement is made, wait for the cuff to deflate then take it off.



  • If high BP or hypertension is detected, inform your doctor immediately.

  • Keep it away from heat, sunlight and children.

  • Ensure that the cuff is mounted correctly for each measurement.


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