Healthcare designed for body and mind

Secondmedic is the go-to healthcare provider that recognizes the importance of physical and mental well being. Our services strive to create a balanced approach in order to help you reach your full potential.

For you

At Secondmedic, we believe in taking a holistic approach to chronic care. Our goal is to foster an environment that welcomes and supports individuals as they navigate their long-term health journey through tailored preventative strategies and personalized treatments.

For Employers

With Secondmedic, employers can be instrumental in helping their employees achieve optimal health and well-being. Explore our innovative solutions to assist with medical navigation needs and promote healthier lifestyles for your team.

For Health plans

With Secondmedic, Health Plans can easily stay connected to their members from enrollment and beyond. By helping foster meaningful engagement with support services, health plans have the ability to create transformative clinical outcomes for all of their insureds.

Reach your health goals

Make long-lasting progress towards better health and wellbeing with Secondmedic's real-time coaching. Our personalized experience provides tailored tips to help you make lifestyle changes that stick, such as losing weight, becoming more active, eating healthier meals, sleeping soundly every night and managing essential medical parameters like blood sugar or A1c levels. Reduce stress & anxiety levels while quitting tobacco use—all on your way to lowering your overall blood pressure!

  • Lose weight
  • Get more active
  • Eat better
  • Sleep better
  • Manage blood sugar and A1c
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Quit tobacco
  • Lower blood pressure

How it works

Food Coaching

Secondmedic specializes in food coaching – providing comprehensive insights into your diet and lifestyle to help you identify the right nutrition for a healthier, happier life. Our experts are dedicated to helping you create nutritional habits that support your overall wellbeing!

Activity Coaching

Secondmedic helps you unlock healthier habits with personalized activity coaching. By connecting to your existing fitness tracking technology, like Apple Health app, Google Fit or the popular Fitbit® tracker, Secondmedic will help guide and motivate you towards better physical wellbeing.

Sleep Coaching

Get better sleep with Secondmedic! Our cutting-edge digital coach tracks your sleeping and wake times, providing personalized tips to ensure you get the restful nights of quality sleep that you deserve. Find out how easy it can be – try Sleep Coaching today.

Weight Coaching

Weighing in on success: Secondmedic's Weight Coaching provides you with the tools to develop healthier habits and track your progress over time. With our connected smart scale, get weekly weigh-ins from a dedicated coach that will support your journey towards achieving long term goals.

A program for everyone

Diabetes Prevention

Secondmedic provides an innovative approach to diabetes prevention with personalized nutrition, activity and sleep coaching. With daily CDC-based educational content, you can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes while achieving tailored weight goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Hypertension Care

Secondmedic offers a comprehensive care plan for hypertension, providing tailored monitoring and educational services to help improve lifestyle choices. From personalized coaching in weight loss, activity levels and stress management through to nutrition advice specific for the condition – our experts are here with you every step of your health journey.

Diabetes Care

  • Diabetes-specific blood glucose measuring and coaching
  • Diabetes-specific nutritional advice
  • Daily diabetes and general health educational content
  • Personalized weight loss, activity, stress, and sleep coaching

Wellness & Prevention

Secondmedic provides professional wellness and prevention services to help you reach your goals. Our knowledgeable coaches can provide personalized guidance on nutrition, activity, sleep habits as well as stress levels – offering tools for managing anxiety or quitting tobacco if necessary. We also offer tailored weight loss support so that individuals have the resources needed for achieving optimal health outcomes!

Whole Health

Point solutions miss the point — chronic conditions never stand alone. Our platform treats the whole person — and a whole population — by bringing together mental and physical healthcare through the best of technology and the human touch of therapists and coaches.

Video sessions with expert coaches and licensed therapists

Mobile app that connects and sync with your scale, blood sugar meter, fitness tracker and more

Customized program with digital interventions, engaging lessons and personalized tips

One modular platform for the conditions that matter to you

Whether you need just one solution or a full range of programs to prevent and manage chronic conditions, our robust technology makes it easy to deploy exactly what your population needs.

Physical Health

SecondMedic’s proven clinical outcomes

Because we treat both mental and physical conditions, SecondMedic is able to deliver the kind of behavior change that changes lives — and leads to better outcomes. We see significant and sustained outcomes and cost savings across Fortune 500 firms, mid-sized companies, and large health plans.

Outcomes seen across Preventative, Mental, and Chronic programs


Reduction in pain for RA patients


Medication adherence uplift


Absolute HbA1C reduction


Reporter reduction in blood pressure


Reporter reduction in cholesterol


Reporter QOL improvement


Improved psycho-wellbeing in cancer


Reporter decrease in BMI

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