No matter where life takes you, family bonds can always remain strong. Whether near or far, make sure to keep your loved ones close!

Senior Survelliance

Senior Surveillance is a stylish and modern wearable device designed with seniors in mind. Its convenient design provides 24/7 health & wellness info, including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and pulse ox readings as well as wake up times, step count data and sleep time stats - all of which can be accessed remotely by professional caregivers or family members 365 days a year. Plus – it’s completely free when you sign up to any service plan!

Your family will always know you're doing well

With SecondMedic, your family can stay in close touch with you - no matter the distance. This ground-breaking app allows them to effortlessly access important updates at any time of day or night via their own devices: delivering peace of mind and providing a platform for families everywhere to share moments together while apart!

You're not alone anymore

Find peace of mind with SecondMedic - the smart and straightforward way to keep those you care about connected. The smartphone app provides an extra layer of comfort, knowing that a family member or loved one is always there looking out for your wellbeing wherever they are located. With SecondMedic, everybody's safety and security can be ensured around the clock!

Get a read on your health with SecondMedic

SecondMedic brings the power of remote caregiving to you and your loved ones. Utilize a tap on their smartphone, giving caregivers real-time insight into activity levels plus other vital information that can help detect changes in wellbeing quickly. Soon SecondMedic will be able to prompt questions for patients, making it easy to report any health concerns right away.

Quick and easy access to your health information

Get connected to quality health care made easy with SecondMedic. Just two steps and you're ready to go: input your smartphone number followed by a one-time verification code - no passwords required! Keep private, stay up-to-date on healthcare knowledge for yourself or an elderly family member without the hassle of complicated setup processes. It's that simple with SecondMedic.

Get the care you need without signing a contract

At SecondMedic, you can choose from a variety of service levels - all with no commitment or contract. Our Family Packs and discounts on annual services make quality senior healthcare affordable and easy for both the patient and their caregiver! Plus, every plan starts at absolutely zero cost!

New ways to ease the burden of caring for aging loved ones

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