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Frequently asked questions

We offer a number of services at SecondMedic. We have doctors across a wide range of specialties, and so you can ask about nearly any condition you may have or are worried about. This includes common issues such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more complex issues such as concerns about cancer.
We also have other services that may be helpful for you
- Second Opinion: ask for another opinion about a diagnosis or treatment you have been told about by another medical professional
- COVID: ask about COVID symptoms and treatment
- EPharmacy: Have your medications prescribed and sent to your house
- Laboratory testing: request blood tests for yourself or your family members.

You can use SecondMedic for yourself or a family member (if you have their consent to do so). You must be 18 years old

We hire the best, most experienced doctors practicing in India, the UK and the US. Our doctors have had significant training in their specialties practicing evidence based medicine, and will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment proven by research.

All of our doctors will aim to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and the best medical or surgical treatment options for your case. Whilst we do aim to solve your issue, this may be difficult if your case is complex. In these cases we will endeavour to involve further specialist doctors to assist them in achieving the right clinical diagnosis.

All of your consultations are private and confidential. We will not discuss it with your family and friends without your consent. If a second opinion from another SecondMedic Doctor may benefit your clinical query we may discuss the case with them, but again the case will be private and confidential between the two medical professionals. These are the same high standards doctors hold themselves to every day in their professional lives.

1. Go to and click on “Consult Now”
2. Pick the doctor you wish to consult. You can filter by the speciality that is right for your condition. If you are not sure which doctor is right for you, you can ask our triage team.
3. Log into your account with your mobile number and an OTP code sent to your phone.
4. Book an appointment date and time, and send the question you want to ask

An internet connection is beneficial if you want to take part in an online video consultation with your doctor. However you can choose to have a telephone consultation with your doctor if you do not have a stable internet connection or if you are having trouble with internet connectivity.

To make the most out of your medical consultation, you should have as much information available for your doctor as possible. It helps to know
- When your issue started
- What symptoms you have been experiencing
- How has this been affecting your life
- What other medical conditions you have been diagnosed with
- What other conditions your family members have been diagnosed with (some problems can be passed on genetically to other family members)
- Any blood tests, exams or scans you have had, and the results if you have them. (If you have not had any, we can recommend some scans that will help with your diagnosis)
- Any medications you take
If you do not have all this information, we may need to ask you further questions during the consultation to help us manage your case correctly.

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