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Born in India, grew up in India, educated in India

Along our 20-year voyage through the medical field, we have been fortunate to have gained ever-growing knowledge from a wide variety of experiences across the world.  But we have never forgotten the community that has helped us in our success. And we want to give back and support you however we can.

There is nothing more important than your health. And you shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about it, worrying that you may have been misdiagnosed, or that the treatment given to you is not working as well as it should be. As doctors, we are used to giving medical advice to our family and friends. Unbiased advice founded in evidence-based medicine we know many across the country would love to receive, but few have the ability to access.

We wanted to change this.

This is why we built SecondMedic, a medical second opinion service that brings the best, brightest, and most talented doctors who have trained in the most prestigious medical institutes across the world and bring the benefits of their expertise to the people of India. We aim to provide access to world-class medical second opinions to people who are worried about their health and want to be sure that they are receiving the right treatment for the right diagnosis.

We designed an intuitive, innovative web platform that was created with the help and hard work of inspired Indian developers. After two years of industry, meetings blood sweat, and tears our platform was finally ready for patients.

And then the world was hit by a global pandemic.

It was evident people were confused and worried by the onslaught of information. How it would affect them. Whether they should be worried, whether they should isolate, how they could stay safe. And whilst lockdown measures limited the spread of coronavirus, it, unfortunately, restricted people’s access to their doctors. Something had to be done.

So, we innovated. And expanded. We grew from a second opinion service to one providing easy to access telemedicine, provided by hand-picked specialists from the Indian subcontinent. Doctors who understand the issues faced by the community and want to do their best in providing those seeking medical help.

We are now helping thousands of Indians across the country who want to have their medical questions answered, with the knowledge that their queries will be handled professionally, respectfully, and assessed using the best in evidence-based medicine.

Why second opinion?

Further your understanding

People may obtain a second opinion to confirm their diagnosis with an independent clinical expert. Their diagnosis may be potentially life-changing, and it is best to validate it before it negatively impacts their life. A person may also wish to receive a detailed explanation about their condition, and how their personal treatment plan will affect them in the personal,  professional, and medical aspects of their life.


Alternative options

Sometimes an expensive treatment plan initially offered for their diagnosis may not be the most appropriate available, and in these instances, a second opinion can benefit you by exploring options that may be more affordable without compromising on clinical benefit. These options may also ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary or costly surgery that offers no benefit over other options.

Multidisciplinary approach

A second opinion may be pursued by a clinical specialist as well as a patient. In these instances, the medical professional may wish to confirm their own diagnosis with an independent specialist, especially in complex clinical cases. This is a regular feature at hospitals, where a second opinion is freely available, and second opinion services is provided to every clinician no matter which medical setting they may work in. Furthermore, a second opinion service can help direct patients towards clinical trials relevant to their condition.

Why Secondmedic?
We offer a neutral opinion, as our faculty members are based outside India (in the UK, USA & Canada). They have no vested interest in the operation of healthcare in India and therefore, do not promote any particular treatment, hospital or medical specialist for personal gain. In making a professional decision, their primary and only motivation is your best interest and their own professional reputation. Neutrality equals authenticity.

Evidence-based treatment

Our specialists occupy senior roles at well-reputed hospitals in the UK and USA, achieved after years of rigorous training and demanding professional examinations. A core concept of this training involves evidence-based medicine. Medical procedures and interventions are offered to patients only if they show a clear benefit in research papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Our experts understand how to interpret the evidence provided and are familiar with the most recent advances in their field. By obtaining their opinion, you benefit from treatment backed by research and evidence.

Compassionate and personalized care

Most of our specialists have grown up and qualified in India. They are familiar with your culture and beliefs. They will understand and respect your choices and preferences and will guide you in making them. They will be able to suggest tailor-made solutions to your problems that will take into account both the contemporary medical evidence and your unique circumstances.

Easy to access

We ensure our services are easily accessible through multiple different forms of communication, including online access, email, phone, WhatsApp, and video link. This ensures you are linked to your Second Medic clinician through whichever method best suits your individual circumstances. Your data will remain confidential and secure throughout the process via the safeguards in place within our digital platform.

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