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The Indian economy faces a stark reality:

with 80% of its working population being financially illiterate, many are struggling to make sound financial decisions that leave them prone to insecurity and losses. This is leading not only economic instability but also stress for individuals in the country.

The Solution

Financial Health Gap Report

Our Financial Health Gap Report is designed to give you insights and actionable steps towards a financially secure future for your family. Our report examines your current income, expenses, short-term goals and retirement objectives - all leading to improved financial health!

Financial Planning

Our cutting-edge financial planning tool helps consumers make smart decisions that pave the way to long-term economic security. With this personalized approach, our customers have everything they need to take control of their finances and achieve immunity against future market changes.

Financial Recommendation

Unlock the power of financial productivity with our cutting-edge Robo-Advisory and AI-based deep learning. Get tailored product recommendations based on your unique risk profile, credit score, age and income to maximize your wealth potential for greater peace of mind.

Real-time portfolio & Goal tracking

Gain complete visibility into your financial goals with our real-time portfolio and goal tracking tools. Our personalized information tab keeps you updated on all aspects of your financial health, from performance updates to actionable intel about payments due - without the need for manual input every time!

Risk & Goal Based Advisory & Recommendation

Our Risk & Goal Based Advisory and Recommendation feature helps users reach their financial goals through personalization. By analyzing net worth, risk appetite, and credit score information provided by the user on our app dashboard we are able to provide customized investment advice for maximum results.



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