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Secondmedic is a company that helps progressive organizations deliver world-class healthcare and wellness experiences through onsite, online solutions.

We serve 250000+ individuals in multiple cities across India with global presence in 14 countries!

You can rest easy with the Second medic healthcare Premium Service. We provide peace of mind and quality care for you or your family members, no matter what their needs may be!

Wide range of services

We adhere to the highest international standards

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning converting to actionable insights.

We offer both online and in-person delivery

Find the fast, convenient, affordable efficient Solution for your Wellness Needs

Covid is an airborne disease that can cause serious complications in both humans and animals. We have the most advanced care management solution, which ensures your employees have easy access to all solutions from testing right through treatment or vaccination - thanks for a single window! Covid is a respiratory illness that can be life-threatening. Our COVID Care Management Solution ensures your employees have easy access to testing, treatment and vaccination through our single window for services; we also offer an electronic medical record system so you don't have disruptions of business while managing this disease!

By partnering with our onsite clinics, you can provide high-quality preventive and curative medical care for your employees. Our solutions include diagnostics consultation telemedicine pharmacy emergency management referral management wellness programs electronic medical records analytics dashboards that help organizations assess their population health requirements target appropriate interventions - all while delivering better outcomes than ever before!

Organizations can improve their employees' health by managing it with preventive care and regular follow-ups. We offer diagnostic tests, clinical investigations to determine if an individual is at risk for disease or injury; we provide education on how they might avoid future problems through dietary changes like meal planning workshops as well fitness coaching sessions that motivate individuals into staying healthy in order serve themselves better while also helping out the company!

There are many ways to lead a healthier lifestyle and we offer our employees the opportunity for success with positive healthcare habits. From yoga classes, laughter sessions or zumba parties - you can choose from different options depending on what's most appropriate in your company culture! We also provide coaching services so that individuals know how best suit them at this time of their life while still achieving all these great goals together

When it comes down deciding which type is right there may not be any one answer because each person has unique needs but generally speaking if someone wants advice about nutrition then maybe consultation would work whereas somebody looking into losing weight might do better by getting guidance asap


Health checks Covered


Patients enrolled under chronic care programs


Covid Queries managed


Clinical Support

Healthy employees create a healthy organization

The best way to make sure your team is happy and productive? Invest in their health! Not only will you be helping them feel better, but investing time into managing chronic diseases like diabetes or high cholesterol can save an average company $8 million each year by keeping these workers on the job rather than off it due lack of access needed medication coverage from insurers who are increasingly denying claims based solely upon pre-existing condition status which leaves many vulnerable without any financial cushion when something goes wrong . Additionally , studies show that almost 50% more productivity comes with improved.

Lower employee attrition

Lower healthcare cost

Higher employee engagement

Increased productivity

Decrease in Absenteeism

Higher Employee Attraction

Reduced work-related stress

Investing in your employees' health is one of the best investments you can make. This proven formula for success means that each Rupee invested will generate 2X returns over time, meaning a healthier workforce equals greater productivity and efficiency within an organization!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Secondmedic has helped most of the leading technology players to stay one step ahead of this global epidemic by helping them implement robust security measures in their networks. We had the heads-up from our Global Medical team.

Implementing a diabetes management program in the leading MNC has been one of our core objectives. We have made huge progress over these years with many innovations that are tested and proven by us, but we still see room for improvement across different corporates!

We have a new goal for your organization-to inculcate preventive health checks. This will help us advocate and maintain the best possible work/life balance while still being able to provide excellent care when necessary!

A global banking and financial services organization needed to improve wellness services. Secondmedic Healthcare helped them by assisting with the implementation of an innovative and efficient wellness solution.


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