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Popular lab tests & profiles

Popular lab tests & profiles

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When it comes to your health, it's important to stay on top of any potential issues by getting regular lab tests. At Second Medic, we offer a wide variety of lab tests to help you stay healthy and catch any health problems early on. Here's a rundown of some of the lab tests you can select from at Second Medic.

Blood Tests:
Our blood tests can help diagnose a range of conditions, including anemia, infections, and liver function. We offer tests for glucose levels, cholesterol, and thyroid function, among others.

Urine Tests:
Our urine tests can help identify conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, and urinary tract infections. We offer tests for protein levels, glucose levels, and kidney function, among others.

DNA Testing:
Our DNA testing can provide valuable insights into your health and genetic makeup. We offer tests for ancestry, inherited conditions, and carrier status.

Allergy Testing:
Our allergy testing can help identify any allergies you may have to food, pollen, or other allergens. We offer tests for food allergies, environmental allergies, and drug allergies.

STD Testing:
Our STD testing can help detect sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV. We offer tests that are quick, accurate, and confidential.

At Second Medic, we understand the importance of timely and accurate lab testing. That's why we offer a wide range of tests to help keep you healthy and informed about your health. Contact us today to learn more about our lab testing services and schedule an appointment.