ChoiceMMed Digital Bp Monitor Cbp1k2

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ChoiceMMed Digital Bp Monitor Cbp1k2 (premium model series with large display) is a very useful common device to monitor your BP on regular basis with its user friendly one touch interface/button. The blood-pressure monitor CBP1K2 is a fully automatic, digital BP measuring device for use on the arm, which enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood-pressure as well as the pulse frequency by way of the oscillometric method of measuring. It shows the BP systolic, diastolic and pulse rate. The device comes with the two user interface with memory on 120 readings each.


Product highlights

  • Display type and parameter - 4 inch large LCD display with backlit and big font, displays systolic, diastolic, pulse, date and time

  • Operation - one touch measurement

  • Who indicator, arrhythmia detection, intelligent pressure, average memory

  • Voice broadcast - voice broadcast for BP measuring instructions and the recoded BP

  • Memory and users - 2 user with 120 memories each with date and time

  • Heart rate and irregular heart rate indication

  • Working method - works on oscillometric method.


Direction to Use:

  • A digital blood pressure monitor uses an air pump to inflate a cuff surrounding an upper arm or a wrist with sufficient pressure to prevent blood flow in the local main artery.

  • This pressure is then gradually released using a digitally-controlled solenoid valve until the moment that the blood begins to flow through the artery.

  • The blood pressure measured by a pressure sensor at this point determines the systolic pressure. 

  • Pulse rate is also sensed at this time.

  • The measurement taken when the blood flow is no longer restricted determines the diastolic pressure.This complete measurement cycle is controlled automatically by the micro-controller.



  • Read the label carefully before use. 


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