LivEasy Essentials Pill Box

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Liveasy essentials pill box is a great way to keep track of your medication. When you have different medicines that need taking throughout the week, it can become very difficult remembering when and which day they're required for! With this amazing little device all those problems disappear though because everything will be organized by days (and times) as well so there's no more wondering whether or not tomorrow evening I should take my medicine first before going bed - just make sure its consumed at lunchtime on Friday

The LivEasy Essentials Pill Box is a green colored container with 7 trays, one for each day of the week. The bottom-most tray can be pulled out to reveal which pill goes in that position and also has an opening at its base so you don't need any tools other than your hands (or mouth if necessary) when filling them up again! This makes it easy because there are only two pieces: One from yesterday/last month etc., plus another empty space waiting expectantly next time around duelling pesky allergies or cold symptoms


Product highlights

  • Helps to organise pills according to the day and time of the day

  • Helps to take pills at the suggested time frame

  • 7 transparent, sleek and easily portable trays corresponding to the 7 days of the week

  • Attractive green container with cutouts to display the trays and to slide out the bottom-most tray.



  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets

  • Wash with mild warm water and dish-cleaning agent

  • Clean regularly and thoroughly so that pills do not become contaminated.


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