Baidyanath Isabgol Packet Of 200 G

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Baidyanath lsabgol (psyllium husk) is a natural vegetable product derived from the upper coating of the Plantago Ovata (lsabgol) seed through milling, sieving, and winnowing. Isabgol is a common remedy for clearing out the toxins from the stomach and has many more benefits for your health. Baidyanath uses specially selected lsabgol seeds to ensure the best quality psyllium husk. 5 to 10 g of lsabgol can be freely taken with a glass of water, milk, fruit juice, curd, or lassi.


Key Benefits

  • The Baidyanath Isabgol is ideal to cure piles and fissures and promote digestion.
  • Isabgol helps in cleansing the colon. It also helps in treating acidity and reducing the excess urea in the body.
  • Isabgol is a natural remedy for diarrhoea.
  • The product also helps in weight loss.
  • Isabgol is hygroscopic in nature.

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