Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans Sachet Of 200 G

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Neuherbs Instant Green Coffee Sachet for Weight Management (3gm Each) is natural and made from pure, fresh, untreated and unroasted coffee beans. It contains a natural compound chlorogenic acid, which is proven to be effective for weight loss. Unroasted green coffee beans carry many natural compounds in a pure form compare to the roasted.


Key Benefits

  • The Green coffee is full of natural antioxidants and brings a variety of health benefits
  • Boosts up metabolism and aid weight loss
  • Great for those who munch on food due to stress or anxiety
  • Curbs appetite and keeps satiated for longer
  • Blocks, Burns and mobilizes stored body fat
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Great product!

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This product is good.

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Very good and useful product in a house hold.

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