Control D Air Mattress

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Control D Air Bed Mattress is a medical Anti Decubitus mattress. It comes with a bubble mattress with 160 bubbles and a durable pump system. Control D Air Mattress provides a comfortable relaxation experience for bedridden patients preventing bedsores or pressure spots. The pump is quiet and heavy-duty and keeps the premium air mattress pumped along with variable pressure to change the pressure points.


Product highlights

  • It alleviates bedsores and ulcers, providing relief from bed sores and ulcers caused by extended bed rest. The alternating pressure mattress promotes increased circulation and helps manage skin maceration.

  • The variable pressure mattress evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure spots for exceptional support and comfort.

  • The mattress is perfect for immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift their weight frequently.

  • The mattress has been designed with air cells, each of which alternately inflates and deflate to create a mattress surface that evenly distributes a patient or loved one's weight and eliminates pressure spots. Each air cell is heat sealed to ensure it will not leak for exceptional durability.

  • It guarantees 1 year on the pump.


Direction to Use:

  • Open the valve cover. Most air mattresses have either a one-way air valve or a simple hole somewhere on the side of the mattress. Your first step should be to locate this and remove the protective cap.

  • Insert the pump. Whether you are using an electric pump or a manual one, your next step is the same: insert the pump's nozzle into the hole or valve opening. The pump should make a tight seal with the material around the valve.

  • Inflate the mattress using a manual or an automatic pump.

  • Screw the latch back on. Once the mattress is filled to the point that it is fully inflated and firm to the touch, remove the pump, then screw the valve or hole cap back on to trap the air inside. The mattress is not ready to use.



  • While inflating, make sure you do not damage the mattress.

  • When not in use, fold it properly and store it safely.


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