Pill Box Organiser

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The Pill Box Organiser is an all-in one solution for people who have a regular fuss over organizing their daily medication. Many seniors dealing with chronic health ailments are on constant repeat mode, which becomes difficult to track throughout the week when they forget what time frame expires next or if there are any recently used medications left in inventory at home before going out into public again during another busy workday afternoon!

The pill box organizer has four compartments for each time of day, making a total of seven daily rows. Each compartment is tailored to organize your medication storage needs and can easily be arranged by dosage without having look back at any prescription paperwork. 


Product highlights

  • For each day, four trays for the morning, noon and night so you'll never miss a dose

  • There is a backup tray as well for storing pills in case of emergency so that your pills are there when you need it most

  • Each daily tray is removable for those who are on-the-go

  • The compartment doors snap shut easily so that your pills remain securely inside the box and do not mix with each other

  • It can easily fit into a purse or bag for you to take it on travels.

  • Convenient medication organizer for vitamins, medications and pills.


Direction to Use:

  • The top cover has an easy-to-use transparent plastic door mechanism that protects the rows of compartments from falling out of the container.

  • You can click open the top cover, take out your required compartment and put it back again in 3 simple steps.



  • Read the label carefully before use

  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

  • Keep out of reach of the children.



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