ChoiceMMed Cbp1k3 Bp Monitor

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This ChoiceMMed Cbp1k3 Bp Monitor is a digital, small and fully-equipped meter to check your blood pressure levels as well as pulse rate. It displays both the systolic AND diastolic readings with an easy two user interface that can be carried anywhere without worry because it comes equipped with inbuilt memory of 120 readings for reliability's sake! The fast response time makes this product all you need at any moment - anytime day or night--to monitor what matters most: Yourself


Product highlights

  • Measures blood pressure and pulse rate.

  • Small, light-weight and compact.

  • A 4-inch backlight display for easy readings.

  • Easy to carry anywhere.

  • Has a two-user interface.

  • Capacity to store up to 120 readings.


Direction to Use:

  • Check your blood pressure after 30 minutes of eating or drinking.

  • Sit still for 5 minutes.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit and rest your back. Do not cross your arms or legs.

  • Keep your left arm elevated to your heart's length and place it on a table.

  • Wrap the cuff around the upper half of your arm.

  • Press the power button to turn the BP monitor on.

  • Push the inflate button to inflate your cuff automatically.

  • After it inflates, it'll start letting air out automatically.

  • You'll see your blood pressure reading on the screen. Note it down.

  • Now, push the exhaust button to let all the air out.


  • Read the instructions manual properly before using the blood pressure monitor.

  • Be very comfortable and relaxed while taking your BP readings.

  • Do not tie the cuff too tightly. There should be room left for one finger approximately.

  • If the readings deflate from 120/80, consult a doctor immediately.

  • Keep the product out of the reach from children.


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