Ghi Gbp-002 Bp Monitor

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Hypertension is a very common condition these days. Regularly monitoring your blood pressure level with the help of Ghi-GBP001 Bp Monitor will ensure that you are in good health for both short term and longterm benefits because any unusual fluctuations can be dangerous, especially if they arise suddenly from an irregular heartbeat rhythm which could signal more serious medical problems like heart failure or stroke.


Product highlights

  • Simple and easy way to measure your upper arm blood pressure.

  • Gives an accurate reading.

  • Detects pulse rate and heart rate.

  • It comes with easily replaceable AAA batteries.

  • Boasts of superior memory function.


Direction to Use:

  • During the measurement, sit in a chair with your feet on the floor and your arm supported so your elbow is at about heart level.

  • The inflatable part of the cuff should completely cover at least 80% of your upper arm and the cuff should be placed on bare skin, not over a shirt.

  • Don't talk during the measurement.

  • If you are right-handed, it is best to measure your left hand.



  • The right cuff size is essential for accurate blood pressure measurement.

  • The cuff size you need is based on the size of your arm.

  • You can ask the doctor, nurse or pharmacist to help you.

  • Blood pressure readings can be wrong if your cuff is the wrong size.


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