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Own a Top notch Medical Team !

We are changing medical second opinion on its head.

We are changing medical second opinion on its head. Medical Second Opinion is no more a single use product.

Second Medic has been leading multiple focus groups over last several months to understand the pain points of patients who have received treatment and going through recovery.  Last month while participating in one such group we came across patients need of getting an unbiased external support which was not one time but monitoring the case continuously at different stages. The solution was not easy but Second Medic has developed the first ever product whereby you can own such a medical team who can hold your hand to help you evaluate and take medical decisions at every stage. The different dimensions of this product are time frame, frequency and composition of such virtual team. AI will assist the product design based on complexity of each case.

The important aspect of such need was that there is a difference between the team of doctors who are treating you vs the team who is evaluating the diagnosis, the treatment and vetting medical decisions. The second important aspect was that a single one time external evaluation might not always work.

Owning such a team might sound out of reach but Second Medic is making the above affordable. Connect with us to explore how it works and how this can be the best decision you have ever made when everything around you is confusing and filled with uncertainty.


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