Medlife Essentials Snooze Tablet 60

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The Medlife Snooze tablet is best known for improving the quality of sleep and can therefore be used in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Since sleep disorders affect both mental and physical health, they are a serious health concern. With the help of Medlife Snooze tablets, you can enhance the quality of your sleep and gain the benefits of a more rejuvenated and revitalised life. Lack of enough sleep can cause physical ailments like cardiac diseases, obesity, risks of stroke and even a compromised immune system. Lack of sleep can also cause mental ailments like altered behaviour, increased aggression, memory lapses and massive mood swings as well. To help combat all of these problems, Medlife Snooze tablets are made from a natural concoction of ayurvedic ingredients that have been known to remedy all of the above.


Key Benefits

  • These tablets can greatly improve sleep quality for someone who consumes them in regular doses.
  • These tablets can also be used in the treatment of sleeplessness disorders like insomnia.
  • Consuming Medlife Snooze tablets can also help promote undisturbed or uninterrupted sleep cycles.
  • An after-effect of these tablets is that enhancing the quality of sleep helps to reduce the level of overall anxiety and stress in life as well.
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Deepak S
Verified Buyer


Very good and useful product in a house hold.

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Ritha Thadevus
Verified Buyer


Great product!

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Jagdish Singh
Verified Buyer


It has given me good results.

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P. K. Kanchan
Verified Buyer


Received in good condition.

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Taingam Wangsu
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Very very good product.

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