Sewa B-live Liver Protection Tonic Bottle Of 200 Ml

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Sewa B-Live Liver Protection Tonic is a product of extensive research that is an effective solution to heal and strengthen your liver. Besides the liver, this tonic cures your spleen. It also regenerates the various systems of your body from internal injuries as well as microbes such as bacteria and viruses. It aids in recovery from conditions such as fever, muscle spasms and inflammations.


Key Benefits

  • Sewa B-Live Liver Protection Tonic is a herbal tonic that helps to regenerate the liver and spleen.
  • It removes toxins from the body to provide relief from inflammations, fevers and body aches.
  • This liver protection tonic acts as a natural carminative, laxative and anti-spasmodic agent.
  • Sewa B-Live Liver Protection Tonic helps enhance digestion and give instant relief to abdominal pain.
  • It works as a relaxant to ease out the muscles and ensure relief from headaches and nausea.
  • It also is a natural analgesic and antipyretic tonic that helps with the early recovery from fever and aches.
  • Sewa B-Live Liver Protection Tonic stimulates the immune systems to improve the body’s resistance against diseases and germs.

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