Smw's Livvo Bless Liver Protection Tonic Bottle Of 300 Ml

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Smw'S Liver Tonic Livvo Bless is an ayurvedic tonic that takes care of all your hepatic woes. With regular use, it can help your liver recuperate from wasting diseases such as jaundice, liver enlargement, bulky liver, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. Smw'S Liver Tonic Livvo Bless is very effective to boost up your liver functioning. It induces liver to release enzymes and digestive juices.


Key Benefits

  •  Smw'S Liver Tonic Livvo Bless is very effectual for boosting up liver functions.
  •  Beneficial for people suffering from liver cirrhosis owing to excess Liquor intake.
  •  Helps to increase the liver function in people suffering from viral hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.
  •  Effectual for fatty liver , bulky liver, Jaundice and other liver infection diseases.
  •  Smw'S Liver Tonic Livvo Bless helps to solve the condition of hyper acidity or heart burn.
  •  Smw'S Liver Tonic Livvo Blessworks as an adjuvant for chronic hepatitis B infection.
  •  Smw'S Liver Tonic Livvo Blesshelps to reduce fat accumulation in the liver.

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