Himalaya Liv.52 Ds Tablets - 60's

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The Himalaya Liv 52 DS is a liver support supplement that ensures the healthy functioning of the liver. It essentially contains hepatoprotective agents and also has certain antioxidant properties. This herbal medication actively protects the liver from external damage due to chemicals. The Himalaya Liv 52 DS also has an antiperoxidative activity that helps maintain the functionality and structural integrity of the liver cell membranes.


Key Benefits

  • For people consuming alcohol, the Himalaya Liv 52 helps in the quick elimination of acetaldehyde that comes from alcohol and helps protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage.
  • For alcoholics, this dietary supplement helps in reducing the fat deposition on the liver by helping reduce the lipotropic effect.
  • The Himalaya Liv 52 DS also benefits people with impending liver damage by helping prevent liver cirrhosis.
  • Its immunomodulatory actions help protect the liver from viral infections like Hepatitis A and jaundice.
  • This liver supplement also helps improve the overall functional capacity and efficiency of the liver by inhibiting ALT and AST enzyme levels.

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