Zandu Brahmi Pure Herbs Mind Wellness Capsules Bottle Of 60

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Zandu Brahmi Pure Herbs Mind Wellness Capsules contribute to cognitive development and improvement in the body. Ayurveda recommends the Brahmi to balance Vata, Kapha and Pitta to revitalise the mind, increase focus and enhance memory. The Ayurvedic writings have believed this herb to improve memory and boost mental clarity. Daily usage aids the neurological system and enhances mental health, hair and skin conditions, inflammation and help cope with stress-related problems.

Zandu Brahmi Ayurvedic Pure Herbs is your everyday healthy tonic. It has scientifically been proven that Brahmi can improve poor memory. It helps young adults and professional learners to eradicate the memory difficulties linked with ageing.


Key Benefits

  • Improves cognitive functions
  • Powerful brain tonic
  • Daily memory enhancer
  • Helps relieve stress

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