Dr. Vaidya's Wheatgrass Juice - 1 Litre

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Dr Vaidya's Wheatgrass Juice is a refreshing composition enriched with all-herbal ingredients that provide the wheatgrass’s essential nourishment. Wheatgrass is popularly known for its ability to treat indigestion, absorb nutrients and maintain cholesterol levels. Regular consumption aids in weight loss and leads to healthy living standards. Wheatgrass is enriched with all the minerals essential for the human body. Also, it is a rich source of protein and 17 amino acids. It detoxifies the body and helps to boost metabolism that further leads to weight loss or lowering cholesterol levels.


Key Benefits

  • Dr Vaidya's Wheatgrass Juice acts as a detoxifying agent.
  • Promotes healthy digestion and easy absorption of nutrients.
  • Regular consumption boosts metabolism.
  • It helps to control weight and effectively manages it.
  • Promotes a healthy and standard lifestyle.
  • A pack that is loaded with proteins, amino acids and essential nutrients.

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