Sugar Free Gold Sweetener Tablets Strip Of 300

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Sugar Free gold sweetener tablets is a healthier and better alternative than regular sugar. It is made from a protein derivative known as Aspartame. This successfully cut down on unwanted calories from the sugar in your daily meals. It is a nutritious and safe substitute and an ideal low calorie sugar substitute. It keeps you fit and is not only meant for people suffering from diabetes. It helps manage your weight and checks health risks such as obesity or cholesterol problems.


  •  Helps to provide sweetness without the calories
  •  Making sugar-free a part of the fitness plan which may help to avoidunwanted calories
  •  Sugar-Free Gold is made from Aspartame, a protein derivative which is 200 times sweeter than sugar
  •  Has negligible calories thus good for weight-watchers & diabetics
  •  It is ideal for adding to beverages



  •  Read the label carefully before use
  •  Keep out of reach of the children
  •  Do not exceed the recommended pellet


Side effects

  •  Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the balance of gut bacteria in some people.
  •  Artificial sweeteners are generally considered safe but should be avoided by people who have phenylketonuria or are allergic to sulfonamides.


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