Sugar Free Natura Sugar Substitute Powder Low Calorie Jar Of 1 Kg

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Sugar-Free Natura Low-Calorie Sweetener Powder is a new generation sugar substitute. It contains sucralose - a sugar derivative made from a unique process which guarantees the sweetness of sugar without the calories. It's the latest international zero calorie sugar substitute that is gaining popularity the world over.

Key Benefits:

  • It is an ideal sugar substitute for weight-watchers and diabetics
  • Made with sucralose, a derivative of sugar, Sugar-Free Natura tastes like sugar but has lesser calories
  • Sucralose is a highly heat-stable compound making it preserve its sweetness despite being used in cooking and baking
  • Sugar-Free Natura Diet Powder can be used for making desserts, cakes, Indian sweets and beverages, both hot and cold

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