Beato Curv Usb C-type Glucometer Kit With 10 Strips And 10 Lancets

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BeatO Curv Glucometer is a novel, portable solution to keep your blood glucose levels in check. It is the only USB-based glucose monitor that fits easily into your pocket, bag or any other travel accessory that you might prefer to carry. In addition, it is compatible with any smartphone, wherein you can measure the blood glucose levels on an application downloaded on the phone.

The BeatO Curv Glucometer comes with a complimentary set of 10 Strips and 10 Lancets to ensure you have the option to check your blood sugar levels on the go and be aware of when to get a new set. This portable glucometer stores your readings safely and securely on the application. It can help you track your progress over a defined period and even guide you to adopt suitable lifestyle changes to ensure a happy and healthy life.



  • It is used to monitor blood glucose levels and monitor diabetes.
  • It helps you make lifestyle changes for better overall health.
  • Since it’s a smartphone-based device, one can use it with telemedicine to connect to a doctor for an instant consultation.
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Good product, value for money.

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Anil Das
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this product is very effective and it has helped me a lot.

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Good constitute contain all the necessary ingredient.

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its effective