Sugar Free Natura Sweetener For Calorie Conscious - 100gm Jar

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Sugar Free Natura Powder is a zero-calorie sugar substitute that can be used as a sweetener in beverages and baked goods. This sugar Free sweetener has a high heat tolerance, hence it can be used for cooking and baking without losing its sweetness. Sugar Free Natura Sweetener is made from Sucralose and provides the taste of sweetness without interfering with your blood glucose level or weight management. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, this sweetener can help to reduce weight and blood sugar with regular usage.


Benefits of Sugar Free Natura

  • This Sugar Free sweetener is made primarily from Sucralose, which our body does not break down or digest. Hence, it provides no calorific value but still gives a sweet taste while you ingest it.
  • For diabetic or overweight people, Sugar Free Natura allows you to stick to a low sugar diet without missing out on sweetness in your beverages and foods.
  • For those who are health conscious and following a fitness diet, this product helps you to stay in shape without compromising on your palate.
  • A small amount of Natura Sweetener is enough to provide a sufficient amount of sweetness.
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I highly recommend this product to anyone!

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good its very effective.

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Good product, value for money.

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Received in good condition.