Actifiber Natural Sugar Control Box Of 150 G

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ActiFiber is 100% organic, soluble fibre nutrition that is clinically proven to help you manage blood sugar level naturally. It also helps control blood sugar fluctuations commonly seen after having meals. When used in long term, it helps you take control of your health to manage diabetes better. ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control is recommended by doctors and must be a part of your daily diet.



  • It is effective in controlling carbohydrates. When ActiFiber natural sugar control is added to your food, it dissolves and combines with your food and forms a gel. Thus, causing lower and more controlled blood glucose level.
  • It controls after-meal sugar fluctuations, as the carbohydrates in your meal are digested more slowly and sugar is released slowly with fewer spikes right after a meal.
  • It helps you have better control of diabetes over long term consumption. You can manage diabetes better, it regularly improves Insulin resistance in 8 weeks and Glucose metabolism in 12 weeks.
  • It is also easy to consume. It dissolves easily with no taste, odour or colour. You won’t even know you have added it to your food. You can even cook or bake with it.
  • Its Fibre-on-the-go, you can carry a sachet anywhere, at home, work or play.

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