Liveasy Essentials Women's Diabetic & Orthopedic Slippers - Red - Size Uk 7 / Us 10

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LivEasy Essential Diabetic & Orthopedic Slipper for Women are specially-designed slippers that are meant to provide the utmost comfort and freedom of movement to people with diabetes. Diabetes-related nerve damage that is prominent in feet can lead to loss of sensation, sharp pain, cramps, foot ulcers, bone and joint pain. This is known as diabetic foot disease and these therapeutic slippers can ease the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

Use of LivEasy Essential Diabetic & Orthopedic Slipper For Women:

  • These slippers can be worn to improve blood circulation.
  • The improved blood circulation can help in restoring the lost sensation of feet due to neuropathy.
  • They bring relief from sharp pain or cramps of the feet.
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Shetal M Raj
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Received in good condition.

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Very very good product.

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I would recommend this medicine to anyone who is looking for relief from their symptoms!

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This product is good.