Moov Pain Relief Spray Bottle Of 35 G

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Our lives have become hectic these days with constant rushing to work, home and the constant squabbles of modern-day life. Leading such a difficult lifestyle can often cause us sudden muscle cramps and sprains. Pain always comes unexpected and can occur even while doing everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects or wrong posture at work or home. But you need not worry if you have a Moov Pain Relief Spray bottle by your side.


Key Benefits

  • Moov spray provides relief from muscle pain, neck, backache, inflammation, sprain, myositis, fibrositis, sciatica or any other kind of spasms in the body.
  • Moov spray is also effective for pain or sprains received during sports or while doing some height weight exercises or running, jogging, etc.
  • One can feel a noticeable difference right from the very first use of Moov Pain Relief Spray. It penetrates deep inside to produce warmth that relaxes the muscles and helps you recover fast.
  • It's a fast pain relief spray for frozen shoulder and body aches.

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