Digeplex Original Digestion Liquid Sugar Free Bottle Of 200ml

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Digeplex Original Digestion Liquid is a sugar-free digestive syrup that helps with digesting food and improving digestion. It contains digestive enzymes that can be taken orally and have an immediate effect to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as frequent burping, bloating and gas. Digeplex Original Digestion Liquid is also a trusted brand that treats loss of appetite.



  • Digeplex Original Digestion Liquid is an oral solution to get rid of indigestion and related woes such as bloating, stomach aches and burping.
  • Digeplex Liquid contains a unique formulation of digestive enzymes that helps to break down the food into smaller pieces for easy absorption by the intestines.
  • It is a sugar-free syrup ensuring it can be safely consumed by everyone.
  • Digeplex Digestion Liquid is also valuable for the treatment of flatulence, hyperacidity and several other digestive problems.
  • It contains pepsin, which is an enzyme released by the chief cells of the stomach to break down the complex proteins present in the food.

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