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Why medical second opinion is important ?

Why medical second opinion is important ?

Benefits of getting Medical Second Opinion

Exploring options is human nature and we do that in every single step of our life whether buying a house or buying a car. Unfortunately, when it comes to health we are so nervous that we forget to explore what alternatives we have on hand. We should never leave health for a chance, knowing fully well that some damages are irreversible. Every single year 12 million people get misdiagnosed which results in thousands of deaths. The reality is that lot of these lives can be saved by just taking a medical second opinion in time. A medical second opinion can be a real live saver. It’s very important to understand what constitutes a second opinion first. When a doctor other than your primary one reviews your initial diagnoses taking into account your current symptoms and all the underlying results it constitutes Medical Second Opinion. It’s important to know that the second doctor’s opinion may turn out to be the same as your primary or it may suggest a different approach or include additional treatments, recommendations or change the diagnosis completely. They might have an alternate explanation for your health problems or they may offer you a different treatment plan.

Here are some of the real benefits of Second Opinion.

You are totally in Charge - When you get second opinion you get more informed of your available treatment options and figure out the pros and cons of each one of them. Anyone who has gone for a second opinion finds more in control of their health and decision making become easier.
Peace of Mind – This is the most important piece as you are dealing with so many unknowns. A second opinion can help you feel more comfortable that you are choosing the right treatment option and if several doctors agree on a treatment path you will feel super confident in your plan.
Opens new alternatives in front of you - If the first doctor has said that your condition likely will not respond to treatment, or your choices are extremely limited, another doctor might be familiar with additional options unknown to the first and explore them with you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeking a second opinion.
Find a Doctor You Really Trust – Trust is very important and improves your chance for recovery. So if you have lost faith in someone then it’s important that you explore and find someone you can fully trust. Never be concerned that the primary doctor will be offended if you decide to seek a second opinion.
Selecting the right treatment option - We are living in the age of alternatives and options and not all hospitals and doctors have access to the same treatment options. A second opinion could lead you to a more advanced treatment or to one more tailored to your individual needs.
Self-diagnosis on Internet can emotionally drain you! We all have tried and explored the different search options on the internet which can be very taxing emotionally. In all distress situations, we always identify the worst symptoms and scenarios matching the most which can have a very negative impact on your decision making.


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