• Published on: Aug 03, 2021
  • 1 minute read
  • By: Medical Second Opinion Expert

"What Is Colon Cancer Metastasis?

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"What is Colon Cancer Metastasis?"

"Colon Cancer Metastasis occurs when a tumor cell spreads to different parts of the body from its original location. The most common areas for these cells to metastasize are within nearby lymph nodes or organs that could be close to the primary tumor’s site. What are some treatments for metastatic colon cancer? Treatment depends on what organ systems have been affected by this disease and may include chemotherapy or radiation therapy."

Metastasis (the spread of cancer throughout the body) is a major cause of death in connection with colon cancer. Research has shown that there are certain genes that have been alleged to increase the risk for colon cancer and in some cases, confer protection against developing this type of cancer. This put together creates an individualized genetic profile for each person, which when entered into an online database can help identify someone's predisposition to colon cancer.

A second opinion is recommended and should be done sooner than later, as evidence suggests that treatments are more effective if started before cancer has spread outside of the colon. This is because the most common site for metastasis (spread) to a lymph node or beyond is in adjacent tissue located just outside of the end of the colon.

Second Medic works with a group of top doctors Globally who are experts in colorectal cancer surgery and treatment, so we can offer peace of mind about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Having a colon screening is the best way to detect cancer, but you may be thinking that tests are icky things, and nobody likes them. However, the truth is different. Colonoscopies are some of the most routine procedures in medicine and patients always say they're not as bad as people make it out to be. What's more, tests can allow a doctor to find small tweaks early on so that treatment doesn't have to happen later when there's more damage or complications because we don't know which surgery will work best for your instance of cancer.

There is one question that might be stirring up your inner doubts -- outcomes? Why should I get tested if I may die even with testing? You might want to call up Cancer Second Opinion and set up an appointment with a doctor who's specialized in the field.

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