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Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy?

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Include meals with the right ratio of macro-nutrients

Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy?


Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Include meals with the right ratio of macro-nutrients.

Proteins like soy foods or fish provide many essential nutrients your body needs. Eat them in moderation without fear of weight gain.

Maintain good skin health by drinking lots of water and moisturizing every day. Do this before putting on makeup or washing your face too! And take care if you may have an allergy to any ingredient in cosmetics products that you use - just read labels carefully when shopping for new makeup items so you know if it doesn't suit your skin well due to allergies...or try natural products brands for sensitive skin.


- Exercise. You probably already know that exercise can help keep you healthy and feel good, but if you're still not interested in the gym or taking the time at home, try dancing around your living space to some lively music.

- Keep outgoing muscles healthy by adding a few minutes of stretching every day after exercising. This will also improve flexibility and reduce soreness after exercise. Stretch your hamstring, quadriceps, hip flexors, calves, front torso/chest, back torso/chest for five minutes each.

 - If possible try to get 7 hours of sleep each night so that your body has sufficient time repair tissues damaged during activity because it doesn't have enough energy for this when you are awake. Cut out


An active lifestyle - This will keep our heart, muscles and joints healthy. An active life style can lead to a healthier body.

Eat Healthy Food - If we consume healthy food such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, this will be beneficial for our digestive system. These types of food also contain water which is very important in order to hydrate the body with vitamin supplements which contains minerals and vitamins that help maintain a person's health.   3) Refrain from Certain Foods- This means avoiding foods that are full of sugar, sodium or saturated fats because they can cause dangerous cholesterol levels in the blood stream and raise cholesterol levels in the arteries. This could lead to high blood pressure


Eat a balanced diet. The key to eating healthy is moderating your caloric intake, not drastically restricting it. Calorie counting on paper or calorie-counting apps for your mobile device are some of the common ways people keep track of what they're eating. A great alternative is keeping visual cues in the form of plastic food itself! Make yourself part of your plate with small portions that represent what you should be eating at each meal and snack time (e.g., one banana, two rice cakes). If you want to go "beyond calories," consider making moderate changes such as consuming less sugar, caffeine and alcohol; adding more vegetables; using herbs instead of salt; beginning gradually with exercise; and staying off stimulant drugs.



Eat right, don't drink too much alcohol or caffeine, get enough sleep. It's not rocket science really! Those are the basics of healthy living and diet. A couple more tips would be to take time for yourself--make sure you try and relax and not get stressed out all the time. Stress can put an insane amount of wear and tear on your body and mind if it consumes you all day every day so make sure you have at least one hour in your day dedicated to sitting down with a cup of tea or reading before bed if only so that stress can't keep coming back to find you at work, school, or home even when done with the stressful task.



Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water.

Keep physically active and consume fewer carbs and sugary foods.

Get enough sleep, avoid coffee for the first 3 hours of your day.

Cut down on salt as well as processed foods.  Give up smoking or reduce to minimal everyday amounts if you can't give it up entirely for at least 2-3 weeks before any event such as a wedding. This will not only help to keep your healthy but strengthen your stamina for life's obstacles, such as those found during pregnancy or high-stress family phase that we find ourselves in every few years--or days!


So to summarize the 5 Tips to Keep Healthy


1. Sleep- Lack of sleep can really affect your immune system, so try to get a good night's sleep whenever you can.

2. Stress- Reduce your stress by taking up some form of meditation or yoga, and if things are really difficult, talk with a psychiatrist or counselor about it.

3. Muscles- Try doing some weight training on a regular basis if you haven't been already! This will not only increase muscle mass but also help with immunity and literally bone density as well!

4) Diet- Cutting back on sugar is always a good idea! It will age you prematurely as well as elevate blood glucose levels which can make one fatigued.

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