• Published on: Apr 04, 2020
  • 0 minute read
  • By: Dr Rachana Choudhary

Checklist To Follow To Get Cancer Medical Second Opinion

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Key Information and Reports you need to Upload to get Medical second opinion for Cancer Patients!

· DICOM images and reports as applicable.

· Clinical notes from your current treating physician

· Radiology reports such as CT scans, Ultrasound, X-Rays, PET-CT, Bone Scans, etc.

· Lab reports: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Biochemistry (RFT), Liver Function Test (LFT), Echocardiogram, ECG etc. All other tests completed

· Post treatment notes like your treating surgeon’s operation notes or your doctor’s notes after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, etc.

· Planned treatments if you have already consulted a doctor; notes on what your doctor has recommended for you right now, like your current surgery plan, type and site of radiation therapy, chemotherapy protocol, etc.

· Biopsy or Pathology reports confirming a cancer diagnosis, including Receptor tests, Immuno-histochemistry, Cytogenetics, Karyotyping, Gene mutation analysis, etc.

· Voice Notes from patient this covers more than ou think detailing on what they are feeling and what they want to know firsthand. Second Medic is the first company in the world to follow voice notes.

https://youtu.be/SeKBb1c2-54 key information and reports

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