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1. Is Voveran Emulgel 30 gm used to relieve arthritic pain?

Answer- Voveran Emulgel is used to reduce and relieve pain and inflammation
associated with osteoarthritis. It is a joint disease in which the two ends of the joints
come together due to the breakdown of a protective covering called cartilage.

2. Can I cover the treated skin with dressings?

Answer- Do not apply external heat or cover the treated skin with dressings after
applying Voveran Emulgel 30 gm. Covering the skin or applying heat might increase the
amount of drugs absorbed into the skin leading to unpleasant side effects.

3. Is it safe to apply Voveran Emulgel 30 gm on wounds?

Answer- Do not apply Voveran Emulgel 30 gm on wounds, skin injuries, irritated skin,
skin abrasions, rashes, and infections. Apply Voveran Emulgel on healthy skin only.

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