• Published on: Apr 29, 2020
  • 1 minute read
  • By: Dr Vibhash Mishra

They Need A Helping Hand

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They need a helping hand

It was Gandhi who had said, “the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” One of the brighter sides of the ongoing Corona pandemic is that we are living in a world of equals. This is one malady that has not spared the mighty. In that sense, there is absolute ‘socialism’ in the Corona-land! No discrimination at all. And yet there are sections of the society that are much more susceptible to the brunt of the calamity than most of us. Who are they and what can the rest if us do to help?

People can be vulnerable for many different reasons. The most obvious ones are the medically vulnerable, those with chronic illnesses like diabetes, lung conditions, kidney failure, cancer patients on chemotherapy etc. Their illness or treatment thereof makes them more prone to catch the infection than people with normal health. They need to be wrapped in wool and kept strictly indoors.

Then there are the socially vulnerable, the elderly living by themselves and not able to drive. They may have visitors taking care of their needs in normal times. Not so in this lockdown.

These people have their needs as usual. We could help them with their normal shopping, procuring their medicines from the pharmacy etc. We could just ask them intermittently if they need something from outside.

Finally, there are financially vulnerable. Those who do not have the cushion of a regular monthly salary. Those who work on daily wages. The cleaners, the gardeners, the farm labors, the porters, the rickshaw pullers, the people who sweat it out in the rain and the sun to make your life that much more comfortable. What are they going to do? Where will their wages come from? They need you now just as you need them in merrier times. To help them is your obligation owed to them. To not do so at this time will be inhuman. To abandon them when they need you will be selfish. To ignore their need will be immoral.

This little creature Corona or ‘kununa’ as my little niece Mishty calls it, has taught us a big lesson - we do not need much to lead a happy life. Many of us have enough to spare some for our few less fortunate brothers and sisters. After all that’s the true measure of our society!

Dr Vibhash Mishra
Chief Medical Officer Second Medic Inc

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