Zandu Kesari Jivan Health Supplement Bottle Of 450 G

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Zandu Kesari Jivan is a health supplement created with ayurvedic ingredients to boost your health and immunity. With 19 herbs Zandu Kesari Jivan helps revitalise your energy and strength and increase your stamina.


Key Benefits


  • Zandu Kesari Jivan contains Kesar, Moti, Amla and other herbs that help support your immune system.
  • With regular use, Zandu Kesari Jivan helps to bring back your energy and strength, it also supports strong bone development due to its calcium content.
  • Kesa and Amla are known for helping with immunity. It is especially beneficial for seniors who might be facing decreased immune response as they age. Kesar helps to support normal blood circulation while Amla is loaded with Vitamin C, which is vital for fighting off infections.
  • By improving your energy and stamina, Zandu Kesari Jivan helps older adults regain and maintain active lifestyles.
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Excellent product

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I highly recommend this product to anyone!

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