Baidyanath Pirrhoids - 50 Tablets

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The Badiyanath Pirrhoids is a special herbal tablet that is mostly used for medical purposes. It is a tablet that is used in the treatment of ailments like piles, fissures, haemorrhoids, etc. It is especially useful in the treatment of piles that can be either external, internal, bleeding or non-bleeding in nature. This herbal concoction containing the richness of several different types of ayurvedic herbs helps to improve digestive functioning and overall metabolism. These piles tablets have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that help to reduce piles and also control haemorrhoids.


Key Benefits

  • The Baidyanath Pirrhoids is an ayurvedic remedy for piles which is often caused due to constant indigestion and constipation.
  • These tablets help relieve inflammation and therefore controls the development of piles and haemorrhoids.
  • These tablets work without the use of any artificial chemicals or other harmful agents and help in the shrinkage of piles in a natural process.
  • These tablets also help to ease constipation by regulating bowel movements and promotes the smooth evacuation of the bowels.
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