Kerala Ayurveda Swarnamukhi Face Cream Bottle Of 20 G

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Kerala Ayurveda Swarnamukhi Face Cream is made with a blend of natural and herbal ingredients, Swarnamukhi face cream is an effective face cream for real glowing skin. The cream based formulation softens your skin with moisture and with restorative and anti-aging properties. Swarnamukhi face cream is a nourishing skin revitalizer that helps improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and restore skin elasticity. The power of natural ingredients brings in natural glow to the skin for youthful and radiant look.


Key Benefits

  • Enriched with Kanaka tailam and saffron which helps enhance the natural beauty and glow
  • Detoxifies and tightens the skin and prevents acne and fine lines
  • Presence of Aloevera helps seal the moisture within the skin without causing a greasy effect
  • The cream which is a blend of natural ingredients helps give a fresh looking, radiant skin with improved texture and complexion
  • Rich in antioxidants,the cream protects your skin against signs of ageing like fine line and wrinkles
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Good product, value for money.

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I would recommend this medicine to anyone who is looking for relief from their symptoms!