Baidyanath Shilajeet Vitality Tablet Bottle Of 50

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Baidyanath Shilajeet Vitality tablet is one of the most popular Baidyanath products enriched with over 80 minerals. It has a wide range of health benefits including anti-aging properties. It is an efficient potency rejuvenator. It doubles as an antioxidant and energy booster. The price of the Baidyanath Shilajeet Vitality Tablet bottle of 50, ranges from INR 213-250 and can also be bought online.


Key Benefits

  • Baidyanath Shilajeet is a diuretic that eliminates excess fluid accumulated in the body.
  • It has considerable anti-inflammatory effects besides being an antioxidant.
  • It strengthens the immune system and enhances overall well-being.
  • It also strengthens stamina, vigour and vitality.
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It has given me good results.

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Deepali Garg Mathur
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Products are good.

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Very very good product.

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