Dabur Shilajit Vitality Capsules Strip Of 30

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Dabur Shilajit vitality capsules promote overall body health and strength. The capsules are highly effective in solving various problems of the body, making it more resilient to disease and robust as well. The capsules balance body function and ensure that all the organs and body systems work harmoniously together. The capsules have a  restorative action, which helps the body deal with tissue wear and tear, boost stamina and immunity, improve strength and sexual vitality. Take the Dabur Shilajit capsules regularly under your doctor’s guidance for best results.


Key Benefits

  • The Dabur vitality capsules have a positive impact on Pitta, which helps in providing relief from immediate and long term diseases.
  • The capsules treat urinary disorders and diabetes mellitus.
  • They also act as an aphrodisiac, which improves sexual energy and performance.
  • Treats blood-related issues like anaemia.
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