Prolyte Ors Apple Drink Tetrapack (200 Ml)

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Prolyte Ors Apple Drink Tetrapack (200 Ml) is a W.H.O. recommended formula, to be used in conditions of diarrhea, vomiting and when there is loss of water and electrolytes. Prolyte ORS can be a good replacement of lost fluids and electrolytes. Also available in Orange and Lemon flavours.

Dehydration doesn’t allow the organs, tissues and muscles of the body to function as they should and this can lead to severe health threats.In such circumstances, Oral Rehydration Solution is recommended and if you have been on the lookout for a reliable ORS, look no further.

Key Ingredients:

  • Reconstituted Apple juice, electrolytes, glucose, Vitamin C.

Benefits of Prolyte Ors Apple Drink Tetrapack (200 Ml):

  • Restores electrolytes, boosts energy, and contains Vitamin C.

  • Prolyte gives the energy to keep you going longer.

  • Contains the perfect ratio of carbohydrates and salts that can immediately energize the body.

  • Prevents dehydration.

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  • Read the information on the pack carefully before using it.

  • Make sure the product is not past its sell-by date.

  • For Adults: 2-4 liters per day and for Children: 1-2 liters per day.

  • Continue treatment until diarrhea stops/dehydration is corrected. 


  • Not for Injection.

  • Use with caution in depressed renal function.

  • Severe continuing diarrhea or other critical fluid losses may need supplementation with other parenteral fluids along with ORS. 


Q1: Can children consume Prolyte Ors Apple Energy Drink?
Ans: Prolyte Ors Apple Energy Drink is safe for everyone’s consumption.

Q2: Can I consume ORS every day?
Ans: There is no need to drink Prolyte Ors Apple Energy Drink every day.

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