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Enterogermina, Probiotic Supplement For Diarrhea Treatment & Restoration Of Gut Flora, For Kids & Adults - (4 Capsules Each)

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  • Key Ingredients
  • Bacillus clausii.
  • Storage- Keep it in cool and dry place below 30°C
  • Consume Type- Oral


It is a probiotic that helps to restore the right balance of gut bacteria and maintain intestinal health. It can be taken by children or adults who have chronic diarrhoeas, as it contains Bacillus clausii which provides relief from symptoms such as cramps in your stomach (abdominal pain) due discomfort when digesting food improperly disposed off into the sewer system without being fully eliminated through vomiting etc.

Enterogermina, India's No.1 Probiotic Brand recommended by doctors, can positively affect your gut health and your overall health as a result. Enterogermina is a probiotic supplement for the treatment of diarrhea and its symptoms in adults and children. It contains 2 Billion Spores of poly-antibiotic-resistant Bacillus clausii, a friendly bacterium usually present in the gut.


Key Benefits-

  • Helps in treating chronic diarrhea

  • Useful in treating infection in intestines

  • Treats the imbalance of production and assimilation of vitamins

  • Helps to strengthen the child's immunity and provides gentle gut care

  • Provides relief from chronic gastrointestinal disorders.

Direction to Use:

  • The capsule should not be crushed or chewed, it should be swallowed as a whole with water.

  • Ideally, adults can consume up to 2-3 capsules a day while for infants, 1-2 capsules a day should not be exceeded.

  • However, it is best to consume the medication as it has been recommended by your doctor.

Side Effect:

  • It usually does not cause any side effects when taken as recommended by your doctor.

  • In some cases of hypersensitivity reactions such as skin rash and urticaria have been reported.

Safety Precautions:

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose.

  • Read the label carefully before use.

  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

  • Store in a cool‚ dry and dark place.

  • Protect from direct sunlight.


1. When can I stop taking Enterogermina?

Answer: Do not stop taking Enterogermina until you are asked by your doctor to do so. Keep taking it for the duration advised by the doctor. You may need to complete a full course of Enterogermina to get the desired benefit. The dose is most effective when used for the right indication and for the duration advised by the doctor. Do not change the dose or stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor.

2. Is Entererogermina a probiotic?

Answer: Yes, Enterogermina is a probiotic, which contains a bacteria called Bacillus clausii. Enterogermina is used in the prevention and management of diarrhea. It restores the intestinal bacteria balance in case of an imbalance caused by foreign elements in the intestine.

3. Is Enterogermina effective?

Answer: Yes, Enterogermina is effective if used for the right indication and for the duration advised by the doctor. Do not change the dose or stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor.

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