Eno Orange Antacid Sachet Of 5 G

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Eno is the most popular antacid drink that can be prepared in a matter of seconds and consumed to get instant as well as long-lasting relief. When going to formal or informal parties, carrying a small 5g sachet of Eno is always helpful. Since this antacid works instantaneously to relieve acid reflux, bloated stomach, flatulence and even heartburn, it is a very handy solution. For any such problems that may occur during times when we consume food that is out of our regular diet, there may be a chance of acidity and that’s where the Eno orange antacid works its magic.


Key Benefits

  • One of the major reasons why people use Eno is that it provides instant relief from symptoms of acidity and acid reflux in just over six seconds.
  • This antacid powder with the help of ingredients like sodium saccharin and sodium bicarbonate helps to neutralise the gastric acids and thus reduces stomach bloating almost instantly.
  • Moreover, the citric acid and sodium carbonate ease the digestive process and ensure that digestion takes place at a proper pace and this helps to reduce flatulence to a great extent.
  • The Eno antacid is also diversified because it comes in a variety of flavours like lemon, coke and many more. This means there's a distinct flavour everyone to choose from.
  • Since acid reflux can cause several symptoms including headache and heartburn, Eno helps to get instant relief from this as well.


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