Garlic Pearls Healthy Heart & Digestion Capsules Bottle Of 100

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  Prescription required on this product.

Garlic Pearls Capsule is a product from the trusted Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., to help maintain the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in an individual.


Key Benefits

  • It is beneficial in improving cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • It detoxifies the foreign compounds and reduces the risk of arthritis and leprosy.
  • Used in the treatment of flatulence, gas trouble, pneumonia and rheumatism.
  • Increases gastric juice secretion which helps in improving digestion.
  • Boosts immunity and ensures good health.
  • It expels gas from the gut.
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Mohit Sharma
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Great product!

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Mahendra S Bangar
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I highly recommend this product to anyone!

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Pranav kumar Rai
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Very good and useful product in a house hold.