Zandu Chyavanprashad Sugarfree Health Supplement Bottle Of 450 G

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The Zandu Chyawanprashad sugar-free is a natural and ayurvedic health supplement that works wonders for people of all ages but is exclusively meant for aged people. This health tonic contains natural ingredients like Indian Gooseberry (Amla) and has no added sugar or even artificial sweeteners. This makes the Zandu Chyawanprashad a perfect health tonic for pre-diabetic as well as diabetic people.


Key Benefits

  • It contains Indian Gooseberry extracts (Amla extracts), which is a rich source of natural Vitamin C and is thus a very powerful immunity booster.
  • Having a weak immune system not only compromises the body’s natural defence mechanism against infectious diseases but can also cause fatigue.
  • The herbal ingredient mix of Zandu Chyawanprashad sugar-free ensures that your body does not experience these unwanted symptoms.
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Pratima S Wagh
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good its very effective.

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Sandeep Jha
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Products are good.

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Soumitra priyadarshee
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I am so glad I found this medicine!

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Aruna Mitra
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Great product!

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Reena Makwana
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Very very good product.

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