Eno Regular Antacid Sachet Of 5 G

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In our fast-paced life, acidity can be associated with a range of issues like stomach discomfort, bloating, pain, acid reflux and heartburn. Thankfully, Eno can provide fast relief from acidity and gas. Eno is India’s No.1 Antacid Brand. Eno Regular Antacid Sachet is used for the symptomatic relief of acidity, heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach and an upset stomach. Eno Regular Antacid provides fast relief from acidity & gets to work in 6 secs by neutralising excess stomach acid. Based on research and studies, Eno powder gets to work faster than liquid and tablet antacids. Eno is available in 5g sachets that are easy to carry around. Eno is a 100-year-old global brand that enjoys its presence in more than 40 countries, with India being its second-largest market after Brazil. Eno Antacid is taken for providing instant relief from acidity and it gets you back on track instantly as it begins to work in six seconds, faster than other tablets and liquid antacids.


Key Benefits

  • Eno neutralises acid in the stomach faster than other antacids.
  • It gives fast relief by getting to work in just 6 seconds.
  • Eno fights heartburn faster so that you can comfortably fall asleep.
  • Eno effectively works on 6 symptoms of acidity and heartburn. These include burning sensation in the throat, sour taste in the mouth, burning sensation in the chest, epigastric (upper abdomen) discomfort, burning sensation in the stomach and bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Eno is clinically proven to provide instant action.

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