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Composition - Diltiazem 180 mg
Storage- Keep it in cool and dry place below 30°C
Consume Type- Oral



Dilzem-CD 180 Capsule belongs to the group of anti-hypertensive medicines called ;calcium channel blockers; used to treat mild to moderate hypertension (high blood
pressure) and prevent angina pectoris (chest pain).It works by relaxing blood vessels to lower blood pressure. This helps to reduce the workload of the heart. Dilzem CD-180 Capsule contains Diltiazem which works by relaxing the blood vessels in your heart and body, which reduces your raised blood pressure. Dilzem CD-180 Capsule also lowers your irregular heart rate/rhythm and dilates your coronary arteries. Your heart will have less burden and will be not too much overloaded to pump blood throughout your body. As a result Dilzem CD-180 Capsule lowers your blood pressure, thereby reducing your chest pain (angina).


Key Benefits

  •  Hypertension (high blood pressure),
  •  Prevention of angina pectoris (chest pain)


Direction for use

  •  It should be taken as directed by your doctor.
  •  Swallow it as a whole with a glass of water. Do not cut, break or chew the medicine.
  •  It would be best if you take it at a fixed time for optimal results.
  •  You should not consume it more than that prescribed by your doctor.
  •  Keep it away from the reach of children
  •  Do not use expired medicine.


Safety Information

  •  It may cause dizziness or sleepiness. Do not drive or do anything requiring concentration.
  •  It may cause you to feel lightheaded or weak especially when you stand up (orthostatic hypotension). Rise slowly if you have been sitting or lying down. 
  •  It is best to avoid drinking alcohol while taking Dilzem CD 180 Capsule as it may make the side effects worse.
  •  Do not stop taking it suddenly without talking to your doctor first.
  •  You are advised to consume low salt and low-fat diet 
  •  Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  •  Regularly monitor blood pressure levels 
  •  Inform your Doctor about your health/disease conditions and medicines you are taking
  •  You should never miss a dose of the medicine as it may lead to an excessive rise in blood pressure and other complications. Contact emergency incase of overdose.


Side effects

 It is not necessary for everyone to experience the side effects. In case of any discomfort, consult your doctor.

  •  Swelling
  •  Fluid retention
  •  Headache
  •  Dizziness
  •  Flushing
  •  Constipation
  •  Nausea
  •  Indigestion
  •  Rashes
  •  Itching

1. Can I stop taking Dilzem Cd Capsule if I start feeling better, and my symptoms are gone?

Answer- No, do not stop taking the medicine suddenly, as it may worsen your condition of hypertension. Instead, you should consult the doctor and he/she may adjust your dose as per your needs.

2. What complications if high blood pressure is not under control?

Answer- Uncontrolled high blood pressure may cause serious complications in several body parts. It causes heart failure, kidney damage, bleeding in the brain and eyes.

3. Does the medication cause sunburn?

Answer- Taking Dilzem CD-180 Capsule 10's increases the chance of getting a sunburn due to increased skin sensitivity (photosensitivity). To avoid this, apply a sunscreen lotion while going outside.

4. Can I take Dilzem-CD 180 mg in pregnancy?

Answer- It is pregnancy risk category C medicine so; do not take Dilzem CD-180 Capsule if you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy. Consult your Doctor.

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