Baidyanath Rhuma Oil - 100 Ml

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Baidyanath Rhuma Oil is an effective treatment for joint and muscle pain, as well as stress and fatigue-related pain. Rhuma Oil will certainly help you if you have pain in any joint of your body. It is particularly helpful for those with rheumatoid arthritis, spondylosis, sciatica and lumbago, among other types of arthritis. If you have an old sports ailment or an accidental injury that is limiting your mobility, Rhuma Oil will provide some warm comfort. It is a herbal blend of Siddha Tel(Erand Mool, Dhatura panchang, Asgandha Kuchala, Ashudha Vatsanabh, Prasarini), Gandhapura Tel (Oil of wintergreen), Turpentine Oil and Karpoor.


Key Benefits

  • Rhuma oil does not have any side effects. It is completely free of any preservatives and parabens that can harm the body in future.
  • Helps treat sprain and joint pain in elderly people.
  • Helps in treating rheumatism, gout, arthritis, spondylitis and sciatica.
  • Effective in treating soft tissue injuries and muscle trauma from a prior accident.
  • Helps in recovering sports injuries.

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